A firm, heavy fabric woven in various motifs and patterns. Ideal for cushions and throws, but can also be used for clothing.

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Be creative with tapestry

Tapestry is a nice material in strong, woven quality, available in many colours with fun patterns and motifs. Tapestry fabric is originally a material which was primarily used to make pillows, blankets and tablecloths in the past.  Today it can be used for much more. Some people use it for garments and accessories, to create something unique. So, if you are creative there is no limit to what you can make from tapestry fabrics.

Huge selection of tapestry fabric

At STOF & STIL we are happy to offer a huge selection of different tapestry fabrics. For creative people, there is no limit to what can be created from these colourful materials. For example, you can make your own unique pillows from this beautiful, multi-coloured pattern. If you love minimalism, you can break the classic look with this pattern and use more flowery decoration. If you prefer flowery patterns and lots of colours, a homemade blanket from tapestry fabric will be a guaranteed hit in your house. With our selection here on this site it is even possible to create seasonal looks for home decoration.  We have tapestry fabric with Christmas trees and traditional Christmas patterns, so you can make your own personal Christmas tablecloth, or what about a blanket to decorate under the Christmas tree? If you like to make a little something out of the different holidays, look at our sweet tapestry fabrics with eggs and flowers, which immediately reminds people of a traditional Easter.  Or perhaps it is time to pick up a needle and thread and make a fine table runner for your Easter table!

Buy at STOF & STIL

At STOF & STIL we have a huge selection of fabrics available by the metre, so you only pay for as much as you need.  All our tapestry fabrics can be washed at up to 30 degrees, making them the obvious choice for blankets or tablecloths, as they are easily cleaned if the children spill food or fluids on them. After washing you can iron them with a cool iron. Buy your new tapestry here with us.  For news and offers, sign up for our newsletter when you order on site. Follow us on social media for more information and offers. Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and especially YouTube, where we post videos of DIY tips and tricks.