Off to a flying start

A beginner’s guide to creative projects

Date: 29.09.20
​​​​​​​Read time: 3-4 min.

Home sewing is a great hobby. May we help you to get started? As a beginner, there are a number of things you need to have lined up before you start on a creative process.


Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. STOFF & STIL has everything you need:

1. Tailor’s chalk. Use tailor’s chalk to draw up your pattern pieces before cutting — and to mark darts, notches and other pattern markings.

2. Small embroidery scissors. Always have a small embroidery scissors at hand for trimming loose thread ends as you work.

3. Sewing needles. Always use a sharp sewing needle for hand sewing. A sharp needle makes sewing easier and prevents damage to the fabric.

4. Tråd. Køb kvalitetstråd, da en billig nemt kan knække midt i processen.

5. Tape measure. A must-have in every sewing box. You’ll need it for body measurements and measuring fabric.

6. Tailor’s shears. It is important to have good sharp scissors for cutting fabric. NB: Never use your tailor’s shears to cut anything but fabric. If you do, you will blunt the blade.

7. Seam ripper. It’s important to have a seam ripper. Every seamstress sometimes makes a mistake and has to rip up a seam. You must expect setbacks now and again.

8. Tailor’s ruler – because it is easier to use than a straight ruler.

9. Sewing machine needles. Always use a needle that is suitable for your fabric – if you use the wrong type of needle, it could damage the fabric. Make a habit of putting needles back into the pack after use to avoid getting them mixed up.

Must haves


Your starter kit is not complete until you have a good sewing machine. Choose a beginner’s machine with a few useful stitches and functions. Once you get to know your machine, the chances are that you will get bitten by the sewing bug. Don’t be tempted to buy a machine with a myriad of functions. As a beginner, you need to start with a simple machine. Test different models before you make your decision to buy. Make sure that the machine you buy feels right for you. You can always upgrade to a more advanced model later – when the time is right.


When you are learning to sew, it’s important that you choose easy projects. That way, you avoid the frustration of not being able to finish what you have started. An easy project makes it easier to succeed – choose one of our EASY patterns. EASY patterns provide full instructions for making everything from T-shirts to changing bags and bed linen. Give yourself plenty of time to read the sewing instructions so that you know the sequence in which to sew the different pattern pieces. Numbering your pattern pieces helps you to keep track. When you take time to read the sewing instructions, you learn the many special terms used in sewing. It’s good to learn them from Day One as you will use them in many future projects. Try making projects from our EASY patterns in different types of fabric. This is good experience on your ongoing journey in the world of sewing – try sewing with everything from stretch fabrics to firm woven fabrics.


Promise that you will take your time when you are sewing. Sewing takes time – and that’s the great thing about it. You can immerse yourself in your thoughts, wallow in creative flow and live in the moment. Your first projects will not be perfect. That is too much to expect. Be patient. Tell yourself that you will learn from your mistakes – and that you will learn something new every time you use your sewing machine. This is a great starting point for lots of creative projects. Your sewing skills will improve day by day.